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Customer Signup

Simplicity Itself !

Subscribing to the service is very simple.  We only ask for the information we need for the system.

The First screen will ask for.

- Your Mobile Phone Number.

- Your Name (so we know who we are contacting if you have won a prize!).

- Your Postcode and Town (so we can limit the area from which you will receive messages).

The Second screen.

You now go through to the second screen to choose your local pub.

You will be shown all the pubs we know of in your postcode area.  If your local is there select it from the drop down box.

You will then be able to choose another pub or leave the system.  

What Could Be Easier Than That !

Choices Choice Choices !!! 

We have made the system very adaptable to give you lots of choices.  By not restricting the number of times you can register a particular phone we offer you the chance to adapt the system to suit you.  

Please Note That Your Mobile Phone Will Only Have ONE Entry In The Prize Draw.

All we ask is that you give us an appropriate full postcode.

To explain how this works we offer you the following guides:

What if I only wish to receive messages from one pub or one postcode area or one town?
Fill the form in as above but use the drop down box at the bottom of the first page to make the restriction you want.  

What if my local is not in my postcode?
Fill in the form as before but put in the postcode of the area the pub is located.  It would help if you could give us a full postcode for this. The postcode of the pub would do.  You will probably find this in the or guides. When you go to choose a pub you should find the pub you want.  

What if I have the right postcode area but my pub is not listed?
Fill in your details as usual. Let us know as many details of the pub as you can at the bottom of the pub choice form and we will insert both your details and the pub details.  This may take us a day to sort out.  

What if I want to change or delete my entry?
Simply let us know what you want us to do and we will sort it out. We can see all your entries for your phone at once so simply tell us the phone number and what you want us to do. It may take us a day to sort this out for you. Click Here to Change or Delete

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