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Pubs Serving Real Ale

For the pub, serving real ale requires considerable commitment by the staff.  Not only does the cask ale need to be properly handled to bring it to serving condition but it has a shorter shelf life than lager.  For a pub to serve real ales successfully it needs enough custom for the beer to be consumed while still in the peak of condition.  This does, for many pubs, limit the real ales they can offer.  Many pubs will offer one real ale which we show on the list of pubs serving one real ale.  

Pubs normally serving more than one real ale are shown below.  We say normally because, since they are dealing with a perishable product, there are times when it is impractical to serve a real ale.  For example, if a cask runs out late Sunday and the publican knows that there is little demand in the early part of the week, it is in the customer's interest to delay opening a new cask.  It is also quite common for publicans to change the real ales on offer so, although we try very hard to show the beers currently being sold, we cannot guarantee that the beers listed will definitely be on offer when you visit the pub.   


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